I am a teacher and learner. I have taught grades 1-3 as a classroom teacher. I am currently a Reading Specialist in the North Kansas City School District. I am also pursuing my National Board Certification at this time  while earning my 2nd Masters degree.  After the first few years of teaching, literacy became my passion and inspired me to earn my Reading specialist degree.  I have always taught in Title 1 schools and am proud to say I am one who has continued to teach, learn,  grow and not get burnt out of the profession. I have challenged myself to grow and change as a professional and not become stuck in my ways. I strive to be a connected educator and use technology for my personal professional growth and for the growth of my students.


I am married with 2 kids. My wife Kristina and I have two daughters. I feel very out numbered at times.  We have 3 dogs, 2 of which are female. When I go to work I am again surrounded by mostly females. All joking aside I love my life and continue to strive to grow as a human being, husband, father, dog owner and Christian.  I read and take pictures in my spare. I try to have fun and reflect on all things and aspects of my life and others lives without judgment.